What is the hardest language to learn?

the hardest languages to learn for english speaker

What are the hardest languages on earth? It is not easy to chose couple of languages from thousands which still existing on earth. We must also look at origins of everyone who wants to learn a new language. For Korean it is not so hard to learn Chinese, but with American it could be hmm… a little bit difficult. If we belive in infographic made by voxy.com there are four hardest languages on earth (for English-speaking person). So, what is the hardest language to learn?

Hardest language to learn?

Today we are looking for the hardest language to learn. If you are English Speaker you should avoid below mentioned languages or just be aware that it could difficult relationship for you.


- I wrote something about Arabic couple of months ago. If you are interested in that just look at it.  Main problems of Arabic languages are caused by the lack of similar words between Arabic and other European languages. Arabic just does not resemble languages like French, English or German. Written Arabic uses few vowels which can be very difficult for those who learn to read language.


- About this language I also wrote something what you can find here. Like with Chinese if you want to learn Japanese you must to memorize thousands of characters. Do not forget about three different writing systems and two syllabary systems. This all makes this language very difficult. This could be the hardest language to learn.


hardest language to learn



- Here situation is the same as with Japanese language. Thousands of characters to memorize makes attempts to harness Chinese a formidable task. The most important thing about this language is fact that it is a tonal language, so meaning of the words are changing with changing of a tone.


- You could meet the same difficulties as with Sun Tzu’s language. Syntax, different sentence structure and verb conjugation makes this language really difficult. Hardest language to learn? Very possible.

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    Korean isn’t similar to Chinese at all…

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      Thank you, I’ll correct it, my mistake ;)

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    Korean isn’t “very similar” to Chinese at all. Please correct.